Our Company

SecuGreen is a globally identified provider of low-voltage installations. We contribute in sustainable architecture by making responsible use of energy. SecuGreen supplies green and energy-efficient solutions for residential and commercial applications.

Conservative energy, Access Control, Surveillance, networking, Lighting Control, Intercom, File Alarm and Security Monitoring low-voltage systems come under our area of specialization.

SecuGreen is well-Known for safe, efficient and flexible low-voltage power distribution in Dubai. We help industries & individuals realize smart grids for their power requirements to set a foundation of Green cities.

Our potential services have brought highly-diverse customers. We deal with everyone including utility companies, industrial, infrastructure, and residential clients. Malls, offices, banks, public spaces, houses and all type of buildings have yet got equipped with our efficient safety solutions.

SecuGreen products and systems are developed using cutting-edge technologies and expert workforce. Being a leading name in the area of low voltage security appliances and electric systems, we consider ourselves responsible for sustainable development near our ventures and around the globe.

Excellent technical knowledge of our professionals, world-class solutions, competitive pricing and the highest level of security are some of our specialties. At SecuGreen, Highly-customized and integrated security solutions developed without flaws and delays.

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Our Vision

SecuGreen moves forward with a vision of a green and secure world. Our approach of treating customers and employees as our first priority has made us a leader in our industry. We develop every of our product with a vision to serve societal and industrial applications, without harming the nature. We are leading Electronic security systems solution provider in Dubai, aiming to be the first choice of our customers. SecuGreen always focuses on delivering top-notch quality products at reasonable rates. It helps us to maintain the hard-earned brand value and recognition among our clients and business supporters.

Our Mission

SecuGreen's mission is to become a pioneer solution provider in the field of hardware, software, and networking. We always aim at providing affordable, quality-driven, reliable, green and customized products and services to our customers. Making the Earth pollution-free, saving non-renewable resources for a longer time and contributing in the structuring of a better world is what motivates us to develop our unique and energy-efficient product range. With highly flexible solutions, vast experience, and enormous knowledge, SecuGreen is motivated to deliver customer satisfaction and durable products. Our team also looks properly into support and maintenance issues to ensure our credibility.