SecuGreen Technologies is a leading provider of high-end security products. Our teams have a great mix of highly professional & experienced individuals and young talents.

We develop and design the best-in-class products for the clients, by keeping a tight check on the quality, performance, eco-friendliness or punctuality. For this, a new entry to our team should possess high-level of professionalism, self-motivation and team spirit.

SecuGreen is an equal opportunity employer which gives the opportunity to every talented and passionate applicant after qualifying the recruitment process. Our work environment is growth-orientated and encourages innovators.

We have training facilities for fresh joining who qualify our recruitment process. Experienced applicants should be qualified electricians. Preference will be given to those, having experience in installation and service of fire and security alarms, emergency lighting and CCTV systems. Good pay scale, bonus scheme, transport facilities and company uniforms will be provided to every new joining.

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